Rental transfers are very difficult. During the 30 years of management we have experienced a few tenants who ask to transfer to a different rental either within a complex, and at times other properties we manage. Within a complex or group of rentals we charge $300.00. and sign a new lease for 12 months. This is not an additional deposit, its a charge to avoid the transfer from the start. we avoid transfers because they create added administrative work and can cause premature wear and tear on the rental.

If you ask to move to another property we manage, we ask that you complete the lease term in your current rental. When you move to another property we manage, we do not allow deposit transfers. You will receive an accounting  and refund to your new address. You will need to pay a new security deposit for your new residence. Please review exhibit E to your lease.

Our policies are pre-thought-out answers to anticipated problems. Our policies were established over 30 years of experience. Policies play a key role in the successful marketing of our rentals. Policies establish fair and reasonable guidelines, designed to attract and keep good tenants and discourage those who could care less about our policies.