Security deposits
Security deposit, sub-paragraph 13 and 14 to the lease.

Having nurtured a grudge about giving us a security deposit when you moved in, you now suspect that you are going to be cheated out by blaming you for as much damage as possible. Our policy minimizes your fear by establishing a procedure that will be completely objective and fair.

It's to everyone's advantage to have you leave the premises in as good a condition as possible, so that we can return your deposit and not get into a heated discussion with you about it.

Please read sub-paragraph 13 and 14 to your lease. We will need your forwarding address by us postal as shown in sub-paragraphs of the lease.

Please review,

We will do the inspection alone, to avoid one sided heated discussions. Our inspectors do not want to deal with any heated one sided discussions. There is no need to do a walk through with you. If you follow the process, there will be no issues. It's easy to clean right the first time when you follow steps given in videos and links. Please follow to ensure the accounting is on time. If you follow the cleaning process, everything will be great.

If you follow the process as outlined in the lease, there will be no problem with timing. If you do not follow the process as outlined, expect major delays.
 As a reminder, we will not accept your forwarding address in person, by email, text message or by telephone. It has to be by US POSTAL, as stated in  the lease. We manage more than one property, if the process is not followed we both can get frustrated. So, please follow the process. This may not make any sense, it won't to you because you're not managing over 200 units. Please, follow the lease by following this process. Thank you for understanding this.

We appreciated your residency at the property and hope that we served you to your expectations. If you will follow the guideline set forth in the lease and exhibits to the lease, you should receive your security deposit back with out any additional charges, if all the terms of your lease were fulfilled. 
  1. Be sure you notify us in writing ( US Postal ) of your notice to move and forwarding address. Please read lease and exhibits to the lease.
  2. Rental proration's are figured as follows: Monthly rent divided by days in the month = daily rate, times number of days you physically have possession of unit. Example: $600 by 30 days = $20.00 per day times possession, say 21 days=$420.00.
  3. Follow the necessary Icons and  instructions found in Exhibit G
  4. Follow cleaning instructions, There is a huge difference between deep cleaning and surface cleaning.
  5. Do not assume or second guess anything. Read your lease, and  

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