When you moved in to your rental home, your carpet cleaning was completed by Alert Carpet Cleaning and restoration. When you move out this cost will be subtracted from the damage deposit, at going rate.

We will schedule the cleaning of your carpet after you move. DO NOT SCHEDULE YOURSELF. We schedule the cleaning after you move out.

We do not allow you to clean carpets yourself. It has to be done by a vendor who does carpet cleaning as a profession. Our experience is that those who do it themselves do not know what they are doing. Too much water, too much cleaning supplies, which results in too much damage.

This is our policy. So, during your stay, if you wish to have your carpets cleaned before guests come over, it will have to be done by a professional cleaner. Lets do it right the first time. The only time we pay for cleaning is 24 hours before your move in. So when Alert is called to clean, its a cost the resident has to pay for.

Please refer to lease.

Our company of choice, Alert Cleaning and Restoration Specialists Inc. 435-753-2264

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