Cleaning your rental property
Suggestion On Cleaning:


Landlords have experienced a lot of disputes when it comes to cleaning, please understand that there is a big difference between surface cleaning and deep cleaning.  There is no difference in the time involved in surface cleaning V.S. deep cleaning, so it is best to be sure you deep clean in an organized fashion.  Being organized with your cleaning method is the key to successful cleaning.

If you clean and there are streaks and incomplete cleaning areas it will just have to be “re-cleaned.”  This is where most of the complaints come from; the cleaning has to be complete. You may spend hours & hours cleaning and not do it right so review videos below. If our cleaners see things incomplete they will end up doing the whole job over again and this is where you'll get ticked off. Remember, there is a difference between deep cleaning VS just getting by. When you don't do it right it will cost you and you'll be angry. 
YOU WILL NEED THE FOLLOWING MATERIALS SUCH AS:   Oven Cleaner   Household Cleaner Tub & Tile cleaner  Ammonia   Scrub brush  Window cleaner   Paper towels   Soft scrub   Fantastic spray cleaner   Toilet bowel cleaner  Tooth brush Sponge mop stick ( “Do not Wax floors” )  And other household cleaners. Be sure to use proper cleaning supplies, supplies that are for the purpose of the job. Example: Do not use window cleaner to clean ovens, use oven cleaner. Do not use abrasive cleaners or pads when cleaning fixtures and appliances. You'll damage things if you do.

READ LABELS BEFORE YOU MIX ANY CLEANERS  Our cleaning people have found it easier if they clean the bathroom( s ) first, followed by the kitchen, bedrooms, Halls, living room, and furnace room in that order.  Cleaning from the ceiling down will make it easier.  Avoid jumping around. Do cleaning in a systematically order. After an areas is cleaned do not go into that area again, it needs to be done right the first time. Be sure to clean heat registers, cold air returns, baseboards and furnace room. Cleans behind oven and other appliances.
The kitchen and bathrooms will always be the most difficult to clean.
This is what our cleaners will look for.  Streak marks made from dirty rags. Dried oven cleaner will create a job for our cleaners, do not forget the oven ceiling. Skipping over corners and not deep cleaning, (Corners: inside oven, stove areas, wiping out drawers, cabinets, and other areas so fast that you miss corners.  Deep cleaning is required. ) Tacky stove vent hoods, quickly wiped cleaning methods, (Quickly wiped: Trying to get by with as little effort as possible, zipping over items so fast that you can tell you did it quickly just to get by.) not pulling out appliances, hard water marks on shower doors and fixtures, scum left in corners, top rim of shower, hinges on toilets, cob webs in corners, skipping over baseboards and inside cabinets. Quickly wiping the floor and pushing dirt etc. in corners. (A good test after cleaning: Wipe your hand over counter tops and floor areas to see if those areas were really cleaned or quickly done to see if it would fly.) 
The effort should be “DEEP” cleaning and not just surface cleaning. The efforts involved in surface cleaning vs deep cleaning requires the same effort. The only difference between the to, one is right and the other is half-right.  When it is done half right our cleaners will come in and re-clean areas you thought you cleaned. Be sure to change cleaning rags often to prevent surface streaks.
There are some who feel that several sisters from the tenants church qualifies the unit to be spotless upon move out or the number of hours spent cleaning. No matter how many hours it takes or how many friends, family, neighbors or sisters from your church are involved the cleaning process should be deep cleaning and not surface cleaning. Please watch videos shown.

Easily over looked areas:
Dried Oven cleaner, Behind stove, under stove vent hood, under and behind refrigerator, Rubber seals on refrigerator, vents and cold air returns, inside corners in cabinets and drawers and all window gutters. PLEASE LEAVE FRIDGE RUNNING. 
Bathrooms, just like kitchens begin with cleaning from the ceiling down. Light fixtures first, walls, cabinets, bathtub tiles, sinks counter tops and bathroom fixtures, clean top of toilet tank and finish cleaning at the base of toilet. Clean water supply tube from wall. It will have dust & dirt on it. Test all surface areas by wiping hand over dry surface. Chrome on all fixtures, tub and sink along with towel bars. everything should be spotless without rag streaks. Scrub floor. Be sure to clean coving and baseboard areas, and all nook and crannies.
Always start with ceilings and walls first.

1. Ceilings first, that includes light fixtures and ceiling fans.
2. Walls second, that includes door frames, doors, baseboards and light switched along with outlets windows,    
    window-gutters, and blinds .
3. In kitchens, clean out cabinets without pushing dirt into corners. clean cabinet surfaces, knobs and
4. Stove vent hood, inside and out. Stove range. Remove stove range knobs, clean all surfaces. Oven as well, and
    remember this. When using oven cleaner you may think its clean until you come back and see dryed oven
5. Over pan drawer. Also, pull out free standing stove and clean side walls of stove. The floor and shell where the  
   stove slides into. DO Not put tin foil on drip pans, just clean them or replace them.
6. Top of fridge, behind fridge, rubber seals usually have junk in them. Be sure to clean all areas of fridge.
7. Second to last would be the floors and last would be kitchen sink and fixtures. No water streaks and change  
    cleaning rags often.

Bathrooms are cleaned prety much the same as referenced in steps 1-7 above.

Do things in the exact order above so you don't run in circles when cleaning.

Here is a non-all-inclusive check list

Tips for Bathrooms, Tub-shower areas.

___ Clean light fixture.  Remove and clean. Be careful in cleaning efforts, avoid breaking glass. Replace light bulbs it               needed.
___ Clean medicine cabinet and mirrors. Clean all corners inside and out. Avoid water streaks. Change rags often.
___ Clean out closets and shelving.
___ Cleaning drawers. Wipe out all areas, and avoid pushing dirt in corners and leaving. Wipe out onto the floor. Be sure         to clean all corners.  Clean in cabinet areas and avoid pushing crumbs etc. in corners and leaving corners unclean.         Wipe dirt etc onto the floor.
___ The toilet. Remove toilets seat and place it in tub. Clean in back of and all surounding surfaces.  Clean lid in tub then         attach back on toilet.
___ Next is the tub and shower areas. Remove sliding doors. Use care not to drop the doors on floor and tub. Read safety         instructions on cleaner containers when cleaning. Fumes from some cleaning supplies are harmful to the lungs.
___ Clean from top to bottom. Top ledge of tile or fiberglass. Spray cleaner in all nooks and crannies. Clean soap scum,           mold and hard water working your way from top to bottom while inside the tub.  Now clean the outside of the tub           and shower areas along with the shower doors. All crome fixtures should not have hard water on them.
___ Hair spray on doors is a major cleaning job and will take a good effort with out damaging the door with too much                water.

Please view video for instructions, and your landlords lease and exhibits to the lease.

BEDROOMS AND HALLS: OTHER NOTES AND COMMENTS: Always strat will ceiling and walls first. Here is a non-all-inclusive check list
___ Clean vents. Cold air returns & heating vents.
___ Clean baseboards, 
___ Clean Light switches  & outlet covers.
___ Clean Walls nail holes, etc. Do not patch holes with toothpast, or patch holes with plaster on your finger.  See video         below for instructions.
___ Replace Elect. outlets, cable cover, etc. Matching
___ Clean Doorbell cover
___ Clean Heating vents and cold air returns covers
___ Vacuum Carpet, Do not do Carpet cleaning, Alert will do it, be sure to clean baseboards.
___ Cleaning Window tracks, ( Gutters ) tile, and windows.
___ Window screen : Cuts, blemishes, bent, etc.  (Will be charged)
___  Door frames, top and sides
___  Clean Closet walls, shelves, etc. 
___  Clean metal railings
___  Clean Light fixtures. Replace light bulbs it needed.

___ Clean vents. Cold air returns & heating vents.
___ Clean baseboards, 
___ Clean Light switches  & outlet covers
___ Clean Walls nail holes, etc. Do not patch holes with toothpast, or patch holes with plaster on your finger.  Call mrg.         For instructions.
___ Replace Elect. Outlets, cable cover, etc. Matching
___ Clean Doorbell cover
___ Clean Heating vents and cold air returns covers
___ Vacuum Carpet, Do not do Carpet cleaning, We schedule our own carpet cleanrs, We will not allow you to do carpet         cleaning.
___ Cleaning Window tracks, (Gutters) tile, and windows.
___ Window screen: Cuts, blemishes, bent, etc.  (Will be charged)
___ Door frames, top and sides
___ Clean Closet walls, shelves, etc. 
___  Clean metal railings
___  Clean Light fixtures
This is not an all-inclusive step by step cleaning list. All properties are different. But, the system of cleaning is the same. There is a big difference between surface cleaning and deep cleaning.  See videos below.
Kitchens and bathrooms are the most difficult areas to clean, and the majority of focus needs to be done in these areas. Please read comments concerning these areas stated above.  Clean in the order as stated below. Do not forget light fixture. Replace light bulbs if needed.
Start with ceilings and walls, then cabinets. Wipe out all areas, and avoid pushing dirt in corners and leaving that dirt. Wipe out onto the floors and counter tops.

Clean outside of cabinet doors not just a figure eight sweeps but the whole cabinet door. Clean top of Refrigerator, not just a figure eight sweep, but the whole top surface area.
Pull out Refrigerator, clean walls, etc where fridge was, Clean baseboard, and clean floor.  Clean outside of Refrigerator, and avoid quick figure eight wipes. Push refrigerator back into its place. A.  Clean crumbs etc. from all rubber Refrigerator door seals.  B.   Clean freezer area, and be sure not to leave dirt etc. in corners.   C.  Do like wise with lower shelves, side walls, egg holders, and all four sides of inside areas.  Clean inside drawers, and under drawers. Keep cooler on low tempture, and be sure Refrigerator is plugged in.
Stove vent hood will be tacky under neath. Remove vent filter and place in sink.  Spray cleaner under vent hood. Clean from top inside to sides and half inch ledge. Be sure to do all nooks and crannies.  If cleaning is not complete the whole vent will need to be re-done. Clean outside front areas. Turn main power breaker off.  Pull stove out, unplug and Clean walls, etc where stove was,etc, Clean baseboard, and clean floor where stove was.  Do not push stove in yet. Some stove burners will not pull out.  Lift or pull out burners, remove drip bowels. No need to clean drip bowels. They can never be restored back to their new look. (They can be replaced and purchased at Wal-mart, Fred Meyers or an appliance store. Be sure to take old ones so they can get the right replacement.
Clean stove top areas. Remove knobs and let soak in sink. Do not spray cleaner on glass clock area; cleaner will drip behind glass and fog up view.  Clean all nooks and crannies and clean towards the stove surface and wipe particles onto the floor. Avoid streaks and water streak. Change cleaning rags often.  Clean under drip bowel areas of stove. Be sure stove is unplugged. Clean oven, all four sides-Top, left, right, bottom, and oven door. All areas of oven door.  The stove and oven will require more cleaning time than anything else. This cleaning job is the most difficult and will require the song track from the move Rocky. Plug in stove & turn breaker switch back on.
Clean outside of stove, and avoid quick figure eight wipes. Clean where cooked and uncooked dried food in all nook and crannies. Check a few hours later to see if  wet over cleaner has dried in corners. It will show a white film. Push stove back in slot, plugged in.

Time to take a break.  At this point in time you will be telling the Landlord what he can do with the stove. 

Cleaning drawers. Wipe out all areas, and avoid pushing dirt in corners and leaving. Wipe out onto the floors. Be sure to clean all corners.  Clean in cabinet areas and avoid pushing crumbs etc. in corners and leaving corners unclean. Wipe dirt etc onto the floor. Clean outside of cabinet doors not just a figure eight sweeps but the whole cabinet door.
Clean countertops. Avoid figure eight-hurry up kind of cleaning. Change rags often. Wipe dirt etc. onto floor. Clean sink and all crome fixtures. Clean Furnace room. Sweep floor twice, then Scrub floor. Be sure to clean coving areas, and all nook and crannies.  Please do not use wax on floors. You are finished with the kitchen. Do not go back into the kitchen anymore.

Landlords will have sub-paragraphs in their lease like the ones below:
The security deposit set forth above if any shall secure the performance of the resident’s obligations hereunder.   Owner /  Management   may, but not be obligated to apply all or portions of said deposit on  account of residents obligations hereunder.  Any balance remaining upon termination shall be returned to resident.  Resident shall not have the right to apply the security Deposit  in payment of the last months rent.   
Landlords do not want to clean and they do not make money off of tenants for cleaning. Landlords have had tenant's get full deposits back, they’ve had some end up paying in addition to the damage deposit.  Putting in the hours doesn’t mean it’s clean upon move out. Again, Landlords stress deep cleaning and not surface cleaning.
Any returnable damage deposits shall be refunded within 30 days from the date possession is delivered to management /  owner.  We need FWD address by mail, US POSTAL, not in person and not by phone. 
Any notice which either party at or is required to give, may be given by mailing the same,  postage prepaid, to resident at the premises or to Owner  /  management at the address showed below or at such other places as may be designated by the parties from time to time.

Its importand not to re-invent the wheel when returning your rental back to your landlord, follow the process and stay within the guidelines you both agreed to. Follow the instructions outlined in the lease and exhibits to the lease.
All residents are responsible for leaving the rental in clean and sanitary condition.  This cleaning  and video guide will help insure your security damage deposit return or insure that you do not receive any additional charges. 
Painting and or cleaning walls.  Note: consult management before plugging nail holes. If it is done wrong  you may have additional expense. See video below for nail holes.

Cleaning of carpets will be done no matter how long your stay. Doing the carpet cleaning will cost you an added expense. We will schedule carpet cleaning ourselves.

See cleaning videos.