Parking Parking

Please read sub paragraph 21

Our rental prospects, management, neighbors, and our city will be discouraged if they see un-controlled parking. We will not allow motorcycles to be parked in any area except where autos are intended to park.

We do not allow campers, boats and trailers to be parked in parking lots. Single family homes will have assigned areas to park items stated. Some single family home will not allow these items. You'll need to ask. 

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and they've said, " Its always easier to ask for forgiveness then it is to ask for permission."  That will not work with us. We've already explained our policy on this at move in.

Junk autos and auto repairs on the premises is not tolerated. Auto repair activities going on at the property will attract prospects who like to be mechanics. Our rules and policies forbid auto repairs, other than washing.

When washing your autos, keep them in their parking areas. We do not allow autos to be parked on the lawn while cleaning. If you are trying to save on water, its best to go to the car wash in town.

What about auto repairs: Click here