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At times the stoppage is between the house and the city main line. In most cases, tenant neglect.

In the event toilet floods over there could be additional costs involved as a result of clean up, etc. In any case, it can be very frustrating on both sides, landlord and tenant.  If the blockage was causing all the toilets, floor drains, tub drains, sink drains, and the neighbor's drains not to work properly, it would then be a problem beyond the building and the costs would be that of the owner.

But, if stoppage or plug is isolated and only one toilet or drain is plugged, it is due to nenant neglect. A toy, a ball, it could be a number of things.

This is how we normally take care of an issue like this. The plumber will come over with a snake video camera. They identify what's causing the blockage. In most cases the blockage was caused by the tenant.

The costs involved can range from $80.00 and up.