Tenant abuse

Tenant abuses that show a disregard for fellow tenants or the property are a source of many complaints and problems for Thompson management and those who own the properties.

One tenant uses the balcony for storage; another leaves et cloths in the laundry; over there is a noisy family or students; here's a working tenant who continually wants Thompson management or a neighbor to let their child in after school; there's one who stacks beer cans in the window; the tenant two doors down plays their music too loud.

The offending tenant may not realize their actions are causing problems, and when they are approached tempers flair.  In cases like this we will stop by with a face to face meeting. If the offending practice continues, then a second visit will happen. At this point we will ask that perhaps you should live somewhere else.

If the tenant continues the offence. Thompson management will take court action as our last recourse.