Tenant Damage  

Tenant damages can vary from screens, plumbing and things related to tenant neglect.

For example, if the toilet in a tenant's rental overflows because someone dropped soap bar, rubber ball, etc. It's not a normal malfunction and tenant is responsible for the repair.  Too much toilet paper can be a problem. Make several flushes rather than loading the bowl with paper. Female products can be a problem, do not flush any female products down the toilet.

If we have someone come out to repair the malfunction, the tenant will have to pay management for that repair. This holds true with sinks backing up, drain lines, screen damage and broken windows, etc.

Property damage by tenant cars may be collectible by claims against the tenant's auto Insurance carrier. Please do not park cars, etc on grass. Damage to sprinkler system will happen.

This is our policy, please expect charges with any damage neglect. No, the charge can not be taken from the security deposit on hand. It has to be paid upon receipt.

Thank you,