The root cause of the furnace and furnace flame is easy to come to the conclusion that simple cleaning may be to blame for no heat in your rental home.

We have pulled filters and found that they were so plugged with dirt that the entire inside of the furnace needs a good cleaning – dirt will not blow through the filter very well if the filter is plugged enough. 

Clean filters are the 1st line of defense for a furnace to operate properly, allowing the internal parts to remain clean and sufficient air flow to operate the system.

We do not feel as though we are responsible for repair calls and believe the renters are responsible.

Resident's can do vacuuming the inside of the furnace out to prevent further issues of like cause.

The lease states that tenants are responsible for changing out fitlers. It's a good idea to make sure your smoke alarm batteries are changed often as well.

So, when you call concerning heating or air, be prepared to pay a heating company if a bill comes back stating; Dirty filter, replaced filter and cleaned parts.

Thanks for your consideration.


April will explain how to change out your filter

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