Lock out fees are shown in lease sub-paragraph 21, Please note comment in red

$10.00,  $15.00,  and $20.00 pending the time of day. If we are not able to come and unlock your door, you'll need to call a locksmith. It is not managements problem that you locked yourself out.

In the event management can not unlock door, you have to gain access on your own and pay for any damages.  Damaged screens and window frames as well as door jams will cost you a more than it would cost to call a locksmith.

So, in the event you have to call a locksmith to access your rental, because you locked yourself out, you will have to pay the locksmith for locking yourself out, this is not a cost that management is responsible for.

Mail Keys: If by chance you lose your mail key, you'll need to pay for a new one. If you want to change out key cylinder Hansen Locksmith can come out to replace at your cost. And extra key would need to be made for management file. 435-753-1212