Keeping Your Place Clean and

 In the application to rent, Exhibit B to the lease, it states that we expect good housekeeping. If you have a problem with housekeeping, keeping the place clean, it's best to find another place to rent.

Expect an eviction for non-complyance to this poor filthy behavior.

There is a reason for this.

1. Health hazards to those living in the unit and neighbors.

2. Image, Our properties are always being marketed, vacant
    or not. Your poor behaviors effect everyone.

3. Policies will always attract the best tenants. If our
    policies are broken, its time to start looking for another
    place to live. We expect clean properties.

4. Safty hazards 

5. WIth past experience, those who have poor cleaning
    behaviors have damages associated with those
    behaviors. That is why we expect good housekeeping.

Examples of poor cleaning behaviors. When it gets this bad or is approaching these examples we will call the health department.




Step One:
Change behaviors. Usually a clutter home like the images above equals a cluttered life. Get help! You could call this an intervention.

Step Two:


If you have areas at home or work that are a disorganized mess, try these basic organization steps as starters:

  1. Start small. Pick just one area: a room, a closet, or even just the top of your desk or dresser for starters.
  2. Limit the time. Designate a fixed period of time to declutter. Ten minutes, four hours… any amount is fine.
  3. Bring with you a big garbage can and at least one other box for out-of place items.
  4. Go through everything in that area systematically. As you pick up each item, ask yourself what needs to be done with this? Possibilities:
    1. Action. The item demands or represents some kind of action on your part. Take a moment and figure out what the next action is, and put the item in your inbox. If it’s not obvious, put a sticky note on it to remind you of the next action.
    2. Reference. It’s something you need to keep for information. File it.
    3. Out of place. It’s an item that belongs elsewhere, If its home is the area you’re working in, put it there. If it belongs somewhere else, like in another room, put it in your box for out of place items. Don’t take it back now or you’ll be tempted to clean the messy room it belongs in! Stay focused on the area you’re working on. Then use the last few minutes of your organizing time to take those items where they go.
    4. Trash. Throw things out! Most of us keep too much useless stuff. Clutter adds to our stress. If you don’t know what it is, where it came from or why you have it, pitch it immediately.